Taewook Kim is a full time researcher, working with Dr. Juho Kim at KAIST Interaction Lab (KIXLAB). He will be joining Northwestern University this fall as a Ph.D. student in Technology and Social Behavior (TSB), a joint Ph.D. program in Computer Science and Communication Studies.

His research in human-computer interaction focuses on communication, conversation, and dialogue. Fundamentally, he probes the following research question – “How can we design technology to help people nicer to each other?” He pursues system-building research. He enjoys designing and implementing interactive systems that offload users’ cognitive and emotional burden in communication with computational techniques, either by paraphrasing the past content or recommending future actions.

He earned his M.Phil. from HKUST in 2020 and B.S. from Hanyang University in 2018, respectively.


Apr 2021 Successfully submitted one paper to CSCW 2021 April cycle!
Mar 2021 Accepted Northwestern's Ph.D. admission offer!
Jan 2021 Excited to join KIXLAB as a researcher!
Dec 2020 Successfully submitted multiple Ph.D. applications!


Conference and Journal Papers (Selected)

[c.3] Love in Lyrics: An Exploration of Supporting Textual Manifestation of Affection in Social Messaging
Taewook Kim, Jungsoo Lee, Zhenhui Peng, and Xiaojuan Ma
CSCW 2019. | ACM DL | BibTeX

[c.2] Understanding and Modeling User-Perceived Brand Personality from Mobile Application UIs
Ziming Wu, Taewook Kim, Quan Li, and Xiaojuan Ma
CHI 2019. | ACM DL | BibTeX

[c.1] Mediating Color Filter Exploration with Color Theme Semantics Derived from Social Curation assets
Ziming Wu, Zhida Sun, Taewook Kim, Manuele Reani, Caroline Jay, and Xiaojuan Ma
CSCW 2018. | ACM DL | BibTeX

Poster and Workshop Papers

[p.1] GremoBot: Exploring Emotion Regulation in Group Chat
Zhenhui Peng, Taewook Kim, and Xiaojuan Ma
CSCW 2019. | ACM DL | BibTeX


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